Goodrive35 inverter special spindle-positioning frequency inverter developed from the Gooddrive300, part of the new generation, is a more accurate and powerful closed-loop vector frequency inverter.


Complete-driver all-round
It can drive a variety of motors: high-speed motor, electric spindle, variable frequency motor AC servo motor, various synchronous motors and ordinary asynchronous motors.
Perfect motor parameter auto-turning function, which can achieve self-study of rotational and static motor parameters
Closed-loop Vector Control More precise and powerful motor torque, speed and position control capacities
Position control performance-Applicable for machinery positioning applications
Torque and speed control performance ensure the motor operates stably and responds rapidly with small torque pulse
Excellent weak magnetic control capacity to meet the requirements on rapid acceleration and deceleration
TÜV SÜD Product Certification
Special function for machine tool
User-friendly Interface
System Supporting Wiring Plan