DB100 Series General-Purpose AC Servo System:

DB100 is the latest Universal AC servo system produced by INVT KINWAY in 2012.

Power range: 200W ~ 5.5Kw, through pulse and analog quantity signal to control and through technology to break continuously to significantly enhance the performance of the products, that can meet the functional requirements of the universal industrial machine.


Strong overload: the instantaneous torque up to three times overload, effectively overcome inertia moment of inertia loads at the moment of starting.
Built-in mechanical resonance suppression function can effectively suppress the resonance phenomenon of mechanical structure.
Excellent high-speed reflect performance: speed response bandwidth is more than 650Hz; the speed is from -3000r/min to 3000r/min. The acceleration time is just 6ms.
A full range of models are built-in braking unit and braking resistor.
1kw servo drive can be directly 415v power supply to save into line transformer, reduce program costs.
With automatic gain adjustment function that can be load inertia identification. The debugging is more convenient.


Servo system standard configuration table

Voltage level Power Servo drive Servo motor Rated torque/rated speed
220V 200W SV-DB100-0R2-2-1R SV-ML06-0R2G-2-1A0 0.64Nm/3000rpm
400W SV-DB100-0R4-2-1R SV-ML06-0R4G-2-1A0 1.27Nm/3000rpm
750W SV-DB100-0R7-2-1R SV-ML08-0R7G-2-1A0 2.4Nm/3000rpm
1.0kW SV-DB100-0R7-2-1R SV-ML08-1R0F-2-1A0 4Nm/2500rpm
1.0kW SV-DB100-1R0-2-1R SV-MM13-1R0F-2-1A0 5Nm/2500rpm
1.5kW SV-DB100-1R5-2-1R SV-MM13-1R5F-2-1A0 7.7Nm/2500rpm
2.0kW SV-DB100-2R0-2-1R SV-MM13-2R0F-2-1A0 10Nm/2500rpm
2.3kW SV-DB100-2R0-2-1R SV-MM13-2R3B-2-1A0 15Nm/1500rpm
415V 1.0kW SV-DB100-1R0-4-1R SV-MM13-1R0F-4-1A0 5Nm/2500rpm
1.5kW SV-DB100-1R5-4-1R SV-MM13-1R5F-4-1A0 7.7Nm/2500rpm
2.0kW SV-DB100-1R5-4-1R SV-MM13-2R0E-4-1A0 10Nm/2000rpm
3.0kW SV-DB100-3R0-4-1R SV-MM18-3R0B-4-1A0 19Nm/1500rpm
4.4kW SV-DB100-4R4-4-1R SV-MM18-4R4B-4-1A0 27Nm/1500rpm
5.5kW SV-DB100-5R5-4-1R SV-MM18-5R5B-4-1A0 35Nm/1500rpm