EC160 elevator intelligent integrated machine is an intelligent network product for control and drive through applying advanced variable-frequency vector control, intelligent elevator control and network communication. We strive to provide high-end, high-quality, energy-saving and safe control drive devices to the global market.

Basic Performance:

Resources reducing in the elevator installation, debugging, operation and management
Max. speed: 6m/s Highest floor: 64
Intelligent network group control can control 8 elevators at the same time
Embedded high-performance starting compensation technology of non-weighting sensor
Advanced space vector calculation and be compatible to the encoder interface of AM/SM master
High-performance current vector control. 180% torque output at zero speed
Low voltage emergency-aid mode of AC220V single-phase UPS, search the direction in light load

Special Functions:

The open PLC programming controller: provide the shifting/changing function for some input/output terminals and further development platform for the user
Manual controller: stand-alone human-machine interface, online help system; functions of debugging management, debugging trace management, parameters uploading/downloading, computer data copying
The manual controller can be connected to the CAN interface in the car for convenient parameters setting
Add TCP/IP internet module for remote debugging and control
Support remote control of TCP/IP protocol and GSM/3G wireless control