CHF100A Series High Performance Universal Inverter:

CHF100A series high performance universal inverter is the enhanced edition of CHF series, which has combined advantage of CHF100 & CHE100. It adopts the DSP control system; provides sensor less vector control and V/f control. The performance is perfect and stable. It is widely applied in Pump & Fan and some applications with high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency.

Three control modes: without PG vector (SVC), V/F control, and torque control
Starting torque: without PG vector control: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC);
18.5kW-90kW inverter built-in DC reactor to improve input power factor and increase overall efficiency and stability
Internal brake unit with every specification 0.75-15kW, so that the braking resister can be connected directly for a quick stop
16-steps simple PLC, multi-speed control, and PID control
Supporting multi-frequency installation methods: digital setup, analog quantity setup, PID setup, and communication setup
Supports starting and stopping DC brake
The input and output terminals may be freely programmed, so users may combine a variety of operating modes as needed
Equipped with jump frequency control which prevents mechanical resonance and makes the system more stable and reliable?
Equipped with instantaneous power failure non-outage capability
Equipped with sleep-wake delay installation capability
Equipped with over-torque detection
Variety of maximum frequency setting source options
Equipped with a bidirectional shift key, which enables users to use the shift key to view real-time parameters
Rotation speed tracking re-start function: allowing rotating machinery to be started smoothly and without any shocks
QUICK/JOG function: users can freely define multi-functional shortcut keys, and by setting up these parameters, users can quickly browse different function codes of modified which are different from default values
Equipped with automatic voltage adjustment function, this can effectively resolve problems with high-power motors low-frequency vibrations
Equipped with vibration suppression
Offering a variety of fault protection functions: over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, phase-failure, overload, etc.